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Breanne Roberts LMSW

Clinical Behavioral Health Therapist

103 College Ave SE 

Suite 204

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

phone: 231-753-8823


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You can live life freely!


When life gets difficult it may be hard to feel free. However, you and your loved ones deserve the support to release emotions and regain control.

Are you experiencing a difficult life event? Feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Are your emotions getting the best of you? Maybe you feel lost. Your thoughts may insist that this is the life you have to live. Here you can find relief and feel understood.

What if I told you freedom is possible and it is never too late?

There is hope and you do not have to feel consumed by your undesirable feelings. You can break free of the thought patterns contributing to feelings of anxiety or depression.  

You are strong. I empower individuals to gain control of life.  

Take the time to browse my site and when you are ready, Release emotions, Relearn skills, and Relieve life with Captive Beliefs Counseling Services. 



231-753-8823 for a consultation or to schedule an initial appointment.

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